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Our image gallery contain images from 26 funny pics categories.

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Animals (1461)
Most animals are generally nice to look at. The ones in this category are the best of the bunch.
Celebrities (79)
Images of celebrities, their lives and their many quirks. You've never seen your favorite stars like this!
Computers (67)
Internet, computers, 'Any Key' -- any funny pics about that stuff are here.
Food (185)
Funny pictures of food and eating! You'll be surprised and sometimes, even amazed!
Relationships (235)
The eternal struggle between a man and a woman -- illustrated.
Kids (295)
Our kids are a constant source of entertainment. Take a look at these funny and charming pics.
Politics (152)
The Latin word 'poli-ticks' means 'many pests' in English, by the way
Signs and Ads (186)
Many brilliantly conceived funny signs and ads. A must-see category.
Sports (262)
The *real* great moments of sports - captured for your viewing enjoyment.
Weird (433)
The most ming-boggling and strange of funny pics. In other words, weird.
Work (113)
Work-related funny pictures. Hey, all of us can relate, right?
Real-life photos (840)
See the funnies that the real life throws at us sometimes.
Medicine (34)
Funny pictures that deal with medicine and doctors.
Love (70)
The images in this category celebrate love!.. often, by making fun of it.
Movies (132)
Funny movie screenshots or images that deal with pop culture or movies are here.
Ethnic (209)
See images that celebrate the diversity in a sort-of irreverent way.
Drugs and Alcohol (140)
Funny pictures about a few of our many weaknesses
Real-life signs and labels (201)
Funny real-life road signs, product labels - the best part is that they usually weren't inteded to be funny.
Cars, driving and traveling (353)
Funny images involving cars.
Geeks (158)
Funny images that will find the most appeal with, er... the most scientifically-oriented visitors.
Miscellaneous (248)
Funny pics that do not fit into any category, yet are awesome enough to be included in our collection.
Religion (81)
Images that touch on the religious themes. Nothing too religious about images themselves, though.
Breathtaking (124)
Only captivating, beautiful and amazing images belong in this category.
Optical Illusions (104)
Images that trick your eyes and brain.
Funky History (285)
Archives, black-and-white photos, curious past oddities and favorite oldies.
Art and Sculpture (279)
Inspiring and unusual, funny and weird pics of art, sculpture and other products of human creativity.
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